E-store purchase terms and conditions

  1. General provisions
    • These terms and conditions govern the procedure for purchase and sale transactions made through the e-store of Valnes AS at www.valnes.ee. Other legal relationships are governed by the legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia.
  2. Valnes AS is entitled to amend and supplement these terms and conditions and the price list at any time. The amendments and supplements to the terms and conditions and the price list will enter into force on the website www.valnes.ee, and the changes and supplements to the terms and conditions and the price list take effect as of the moment of publishing the respective amendment or supplement. If you confirmed your order prior to the entry into force of the terms and conditions or the amendments, the terms and conditions valid at the time of confirming the order will apply to you.
  3. The images of products are illustrative in nature. The actual product may vary in terms of colour/tone.
  4. All prices on the website www.valnes.ee are in euros and include VAT. The selection of certain options for the products may cause the price to change. In this case, the change is displayed along with the option.
  5. Placing an order
    • After you have chosen the desired goods and quantity, click on ‘Add to Cart’. You may then either continue selecting products or start the ordering process.
    • To obtain an overview of the products in your shopping cart, you need to click on the image of the shopping cart on the home page, which will display the products in the shopping cart, their quantities and prices.
    • Choose a suitable method of transport, fill in the customer details.
    • Check the accuracy of the contact details to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of your products. Valnes AS or the postal company is not liable for delays in the delivery of the products or for any misunderstandings if these are the result of you providing inaccurate data when placing the order.
    • Take a final look at the goods, quantities, prices, addresses, etc. Once you have reviewed the privacy policy and the terms of sale and agree to these, tick the respective box and click ‘Confirm Order’.
  6. Paying for the products
    • The order confirmation, which is the basis for payment, will be sent to you by e-mail. Before making the payment, please check that the details in the order confirmation correspond to the content of your order. Payment can be made via bank transfer. An invoice will be sent to you by the next working day, at the latest. Bank links are provided by Maksekeskus AS (maksekeskus.ee).
    • We will begin processing your order on the working day following the receipt of your payment. Your order will be cancelled if you have not paid the amount specified in the order confirmation within 14 (fourteen) days as of issuing the order confirmation.
    • The deadline for fulfilling the order is three (3) weeks from receipt of the invoice. We will dispatch goods in stock on the working day following the receipt of payment.
  7. Delivery of products
    • Goods in stock will be dispatched on the working day following the receipt of payment. For custom products, the estimated delivery time will be specified on the order confirmation sent by e-mail.
    • The products will be delivered pursuant to your chosen option.
    • If it appears that delivery of your ordered product is not possible within the promised term, we will notify you thereof as soon as possible via the contact phone or e-mail provided by you when placing the order. At the same time, we will also provide you with a new delivery term. Should you lose interest in buying the product due to the longer delivery term, you have the right to cancel the order and the amount you paid will be refunded to you.
  8. Cancelling the order and returning the product
    • If you find the products unsuitable, you may withdraw from your order within 14 (fourteen) days of delivery and return the purchased products by sending a respective notice to the e-mail address valnes@valnes.ee together with the invoice number, your current account number and contact details. Upon returning the products, you will not be reimbursed for the transport costs.
    • The returned product must be in its original packaging and it must not have been used. Upon withdrawing from the order, the amount paid for the purchase will be refunded to the bank account designated by you within 30 (thirty) days from returning the product, at the latest.
  9. Warranty and return of non-compliant products
    • When receiving the goods, check their conformity to the order. If you purchased goods from valnes.ee that have proven to be non-compliant, we will replace those goods within 30 days against the invoice.
    • Valnes AS is not liable for:
      • deterioration of / damage to the product due to your fault;
      • deficiencies caused by inappropriate use of the product;
      • natural physical wear and tear of the product during normal use.
    • Upon detecting any non-compliance or deficiency of the product, please send a respective notice as soon as possible to the e-mail address valnes@valnes.ee. Valnes AS will review the complaint within seven (7) days of the receipt thereof and inform you of the possible solution.
    • With regard to the rights and obligations arising from the warranty, we are guided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
  10. Other terms and conditions
    • We deem the data provided by you to be confidential and will not forward this data to third parties, except in accordance with the procedure set out in law.
    • In any matters not separately resolved by these terms and conditions, the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia shall be followed.
    • Any disputes between you and Valnes AS will be resolved by negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, you are entitled to refer the matter to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority or Harju County Court. The legislation of the Republic of Estonia will apply to the settlement of disputes.