Valnes WebLock access codes are automatically transmitted to customers via Guesty

The integration of Guesty and the Valnes WebLock interface is complete! Managers of guest apartments, holiday homes, and other short-term accommodations have reason to rejoice. In addition to automating general communication, Guesty management software now allows you to automatically send personal Valnes WebLock access codes to clients.

Guesty is a software platform for short-term lease management. Guesty brings together bookings made on different platforms (AirBNBBooking.comTripAdvisor etc.) and personal channels (company websites, phone or e-mail) and allows you to keep customer communication conveniently in one place. You can also change prices and block dates anywhere at once using Guesty’s calendar. Various automatic replies and timed messages make customer communication operational with Guesty.

Thanks to the integration of Guesty and Valnes WebLock, it is now more convenient for the administrator to receive customers and send check-in instructions. Everything happens automatically! After the customer makes a reservation, the information about the reservation is transferred to the Guesty platform, and from there again to the Valnes WebLock software, where a unique door code is generated for the customer by the program, which reaches the customer through the Guesty platform with arrival instructions.

The great advantage of Valnes WebLock and Guesty interface is that the customer receives a personalized door code.

The code sent to the customer starts working according to the customer’s reservation and stops working on the customer’s check-out date. This solution is secure and eliminates the possibility of later misuse of the code. However, the administrator also has the option to manually change the validity period of the code in the Valnes WebLock management interface, for example, if the customer arrives earlier or leaves later. The administrator will also continue to be able to issue codes himself/herself from Valnes WebLock, if necessary, for example to a cleaner or a worker.

The use of smart locks in guest apartments and other holiday homes has become increasingly popular in recent years and was indispensable during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many clients of the property are required to isolate themselves upon arrival and are therefore not allowed to meet the client. Hiding the keys does not leave a professional impression on the accommodation, and it is often inconvenient for the customer to transport them with lock boxes. Valnes WebLock can be installed on both the front door and apartment doors of a house. Valnes WebLock is powered by electricity and therefore there is no need to worry about changing the batteries. Thanks to the additional battery, Valnes WebLock also works in the event of a temporary power failure.

To use the Guesty and Valnes WebLock interface, write to:

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